Peperoni Photobooks. A decade of publishing


September 12 - October 18



When the first Peperoni book “Time Out” was published in 2004, it was still unclear whether more would follow. In Autumn 2008, four years after the publishing company was founded, the first Photo Book Festival in Kassel was launched; presenting 20 books published by Peperoni. The publisher Hannes Wanderer turned his back on the company he had been working for and opened a photo-book store in Berlin, 25book.



The publishing house is now 10 years old and has published 100 books, including works by internationally recognised artists and new comers from Europe, Asia, Russia and the USA. Every book is individually designed and covers a diverse range including artistic, documentary, poetry, series, without words or images accompanied by texts from selected authors.



Peperoni constantly works closely with the artists; as a result, photographers are often represented in more than one publication in the programme. Many Peperoni books, as well as the works presented within them, have been honoured with numerous national and international rewards.



With our exhibition "Peperoni Photo Books - A Decade of Publishing" we pay tribute to the extraordinary career of this one-man and his publishing house in Berlin, and make available to hold, study and enjoy, all previous Peperoni books issued to date.